29 July 2008

In today's episode, we're just back to being a law abiding dog agility lady.

Well, that was all exciting and all with the Rangers. Trust me, you'll be hearing more about it. Maybe you figured out, Captain Laura is a little bit of pig headed about some stuff and Rangers with too many accessories intended to take me out strapped on to belts leaping out of bushes to give me a ticket for walking my dogs is at the tip top of my list. Pyramid it, stud it and spike it. I smell a courthouse drama!

Let's take a soothing break for a genuine dog agility video made by sticking the camera on a bucket and hitting the button. Is genius, my figuring out how to make my camera take moving pictures. Next thing will be magic talking machines to talk to Jesus pinned to shoulders like corsages. I don't know what this video shows you. There is no moral to this story. Wait. Yes there is. That Gustavo is doing the same little sequences as everyone else. And maybe is faster and turning tighter. Ha! Take THAT Otterpop! Maybe I will end up with a genuine trained dog one of these days. Although still has training wheels on his weave poles.

And I was able to put words on the video. Sort of. Genius! Next time maybe all the words will show up instead of vanishing into computer land. Or my purse. Where the hell did all those words go? And if you listen real close, you can hear Gustavo making weird airplane sounds in the background. Just like you were there. With the sheep.


Simba said...

Awesome video!!


Anonymous said...

Smokin' Goose!!!

Double S said...

Go Go Goo!!!! He's looking like hot stuff...

This TSD reader would love to see some video-camera-on-a-bucket treatment of some driveway weaves... gotta get my little monster started on weaves soon, would love to see your brilliant trainerly methodology in action!