24 July 2008

In today's episode, me and the dog show photographer offer you some nice shots of my ass.

Found some photos from the dog show photographer.My non agility friends, here is a whole industry you didn't even know existed. You get a camera with the longest lense in the world, looks like you have a tube of salami attached to your face. Sit in a beach chair outside the dog show ring and click every time the dog comes by. All day. Why bother taking that beach chair to an actual beach when you could sit outside that dog show ring? Start at 8am, finish whenever the dogs finish. 3pm? 5pm? 7pm? Sit and click, thousands of time. When you're done, put them on the internet and maybe someone buys one. Or someone goes up and grabs it and sticks it on a blog. Not paying. Horrible little thief. I've bought one or two, but it's hard to find a photo I love. Very picky, I am. Little bit of a crapshoot for those tired and bored photographers.

The thing I don't so much get, the photographers are very careful to try to just get a nice photo of the dog. Don't get the person. Closeup on the dog coming through the poles, or the tire, or blasting out of the tunnel. Because we wear weird outfits and our hair askew and ugly shoes, never, ever include the human unless it's a tragic photography mistake. I love the tragic mistake ones. I want the shot of me screaming at the dog. Looking panicked. Doing the electric slide with hands making a shimmy shimmy shake your tailfeather Beyonce ass to get your dog onto that table.


Elf said...

I love having photos of me with the dog. We're a team, after all. But most photographers tell me that most people won't buy the photos with the people in them. OK, it's nice to have a selection with just the dog, too, but I also get tired of just being a set of fat thighs with an athletic dog. However, sometimes if I tell them ahead of time that I'd like pictures with me in them, they'll make an effort to do that. Yeah, like I don't have enough to remember to do; I can't even remember to get my runs videoed even when I have to trip over the camera to get the dog out.

Anonymous said...

I make regular camera "payments" to a local photographer who burns the whole lot onto CD's for me. I love pictures of my kids with their dogs and sometimes me, but most of the time gasping for air face or way to much jiggling makes me not want me in the picture. We used to have a photographer who put real pictures out on Sunday morning. My kids could NOT and sometimes still can't pass up bad pictures... like Zach had to have one of him and his little Jack Rosie as a lump in the chute. I told him he couldn't even see her, but he said he knew that was Rosie:)