23 July 2008

I just had to show you this.

I'm not really a video person. I mean, I am not at all a video person. This is taken with my regular camera, just setting it on a bucket and using the video for dummies button. And don't mind me hiking up my pants. But I thought maybe you'd like to see what Gustavo looks like doing a little sequence. Not having an actual camera angle that could show you, he does that chute barrel out to a staggered line of jumps before the tunnel. Like stuff I do with everyone else! And every time we did those poles, hit that entrance no problem, and pretty fast through 'em, RIGHT? Like I think, little drumroll, maybe even faster than Otterpop's poles.

Yeah, the channels are a little open at the first couple poles. I really want him super confident about those entries, even though this may come back to haunt me at some point. And yeah, that's how I do his startline. Like we just GO. More potential haunting of the future. And yeah, that's Otterpop barking under the soundtrack. I am kind of from the what the hell if the other dogs bark school of thought when it comes to irritating barking dogs during agility. Just pretend they have little cheerleader skirts and are tearing up pom poms at the same time. Too loud for any haunting. Those barking short dogs scare the pants off any lurking ghosties.

But see here, my non agility friends. I am running really, really fast. Look at Laura run, insert your giggles now. I don't care. This is the whole point here. That tunnel is almost 100 feet away from the camera. My chubby and stubbly legs are flying. And those jumps you can't see are on weirdo angles, and he's just getting it. You run as fast as you can, you do what I show you, and you think it's the best day ever. It is starting to get really, really fun with him.


Debbie said...

WOOOOOOOOO! That was great! More! More!

Debbie and the Corgis
in WV

Double S said...

Go Goo Go! He is so freakin' fast! Those weaves are looking HOT HOT HOT, Captain.

I want to be able to hike my pants like you-- that would mean they are loose, which they def aren't right now. Too much good summer food and staying inside in the air conditioned splendor b/c of hot humid yuckiness in this part of the world. Not enough conditioning of dogs and humans by doing sprint/walk intervals and such. Lazy, I know!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful weaves and very fast Goo, I wish my dogs would weave that well

Elf said...

Wooooo! was exactly my first thought, too. Perhaps we agility folks have limited woooo-type vocabularies. But "wooo goo!" just seems like the right thing to say. Looks great!


Agility Foot said...

No more mealy mouthing Goo. What a fast pup. All of us agility addicts should show off our dogs more often. Great run!