16 June 2008

This will have something to do with dog agility but just give it a few years.

So I was noticing that Pixel has some future dog agility in her. I am sizing her up to be Ruby's future Jr. Handler sometime soon. Because she has the whole pointy finger down. Aiming at her brother like a pro. And she likes all the same stuff as Ruby. Treats. Hot dogs. Tortillas. Cookies. Princesses. And she is really fast. Totally get why many people pick between dogs and kids and don't try both. Except the Very, VERY brave and tireless among you.

I know, lots of you have both. Damn, we always had dogs growing up but we didn't actually train them stuff like Round the Clock Weave Pole Entrances and 2 On 2 Off. And there are even some of you who have fleets of border collies and have small children too. And probably work full time as an attorney and you are also the trial secretary for your dog club every single time. You exhaust me, thinking about your lives, my friends. Just a couple kids around for a couple hours is like I have just pulled an all nighter in the go-go cage under the glitter ball at the big wild and crazy disco dance party and am all ready for nap time. I am like a total bar setter that way, you my chief ring stewards of life. Look at her, working on screamy face for when she's a big girl and can run a border collie. Start stretching those face muscles early. She maybe doesn't do a great job training Atom yet. Is he peeing in my bushes back there? Where the hell is Joel Warner?

Um. There's no actual dogs in these pictures because the dogs vs. toddler situation still is a work in progress. Luckily we are past the Kicking the Dogs phase, but the dogs are not past the Let's Totally Swipe All the Kids' Food Out of Their Hands phase. No one has great aim with the tennis ball yet, so the dogs would rather just stalk them for snacks. Lots of good stuff left over for some speedy weave poles, while the kids are hopefully not whining all the way home in the car. Shoveled into their crates car seats in the back. Everyone has to pee first. No one whines, hopefully just sleep until they get there.


Karen said...

:) I am that mom & dog person you describe...though I own a Toller (no BC's) and I'm not an attorney (rather a Technical Writer). And yeah, I'm crazy!

Elf said...

Great photos! Even if they aren't dogs.

Anonymous said...

I too am one of the weirdos with dogs and kids. We started agility when my kids were 8 and 10 years old. They had their own rescue Jack Russell's that they trained and I had a rescue Border Collie. We're coming up on our 9th anniversary of playing this crazy game of dog agility. Over those nine years we've added one more Jack and three Border Collies to our house:) Oh, and I'm an 1st/2nd grade teacher by day and a single mom. Yes, I'm nuts! :)

Anonymous said...

Maybe should have some of the classic TSD captioning with arrows saying "Not A Dog" for us less informed readers! It's always interesting seeing more wildlife though..