16 June 2008

It seems like this Monday could use a soundtrack.

I am not really an album kind of person. I am sort of a song kind of person. Which makes all my more music-y friends cringe, not that they weren't already cringing at my musical tastes. I just consider my taste Broad. I am not a purist. You guessed that. I have a husband who is Very Serious about music and I let him be the informed member of the family. I guess I do this with most things. Generalist.

You probably heard these all already. But they're the ones that are my favorites today. You know how Elvis Costello once said that writing about music was like dancing about architecture? I think that blogging about dog agility is like painting about vintage typefaces. A nice thing to do whenever you can. So here. Here's what I say about these songs. Which I listened to while choreographing a log cabin cheerleading robot routine. In honor of these perfect weave poles sets Gustavo has started just knocking out, no pops, no wart, no slows.

Nosebleed. By Illinois.
I do believe that is a banjo in this song, a little bit of banjo that goes over and over. It isn't complicated. Like if you could only play the tiniest bit of a banjo, you could make a song. "HOld On Baby, Let's Sing it Again." The singer just sounds raw and like maybe he was singing into something weird. I'm not really exactly sure what this song is about. But when you listen to it, you might wish that you could sing just like him. This song reminds me of weird gnarly late nights when you could have been doing something actually productive. It seems like it involves ash trays and bottles and big stinky dogs. But in a good way.

My Medicine. By Snoop Dogg.
Dedicated to Johnny Cash, a real American gangster and features twangy guitar by Everlast. Grand Old Opry, here they come. OK. So Snoop Dogg is a problematic character. A real slimeball in some ways, but a nice Long Beach dad who is just a big, tall, lazy stoner by other accounts. Who has this freaky effortless way of rhyming like B.I.G. that has always held me in awe. And it's not like he hides being a hazy, befuddled pothead who just stays high all the time. Sort of like Johnny Cash before he cleaned up maybe. Keith Richards and the borrowed blood. Everybody has their habits. If you ever see the video, he looks really great in cowboy gear, and the rhyming with the Cashy style guitar and it's Willie Nelson and Whitey Ford! Like super genius crazy. You'll see.

Hog of the Forsaken. By Michael Hurley.
I used to feel bad for this hog. And sometimes Michael can't sing all the notes which is why I love him. This song talks about bogs and pie and this hog who just sits there and I believe waits for the forsaken and eats them all up. He is the pork of crime. Then I realized I think Michael wants us to feel happy for this hog. I'm not sure. I think you will see when you hear this song. This would be perhaps a nice song to play at a wedding and people could come out to dance that might not otherwise. I always want to sing this to the old people on therapy dog visits, but we are not there for singing. The accordian lady in the sunroom does that. For a minute you might think about a bayous, but really it makes me wish my house was far, far atop a gentle knoll, looking over the plains, and not visible from any road at all.

Don't you Evah. By Spoon.
This song makes you feel like a dancing robot. It's just kind of a dumb song. Spoon is a dumb band. If I were easily embarrassed, I wouldn't even tell you I had a Spoon song in my ipod. But you know it's a good song when every time it comes on you need to stop doing what you're doing and start dancing like a robot. And you get a dog to dance like a robot with you. And another. And another. And now that is a fine thing to do on a sunny afternoon.

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