09 May 2008

A walk around my block in haiku.

homeless guy with your
big growling rottweiler
wants to bite my dogs

girl in your white car
drives way too fast on my street
loves playboy bunnies

you are gardening
and your ass is in my way
i guess you can't move

drunk guy on his porch
AA pamphlets on view
will always say hi

shiney land rover
grateful dead stickers on it
don't know who drives it

this part of the block
has many cats and squirrels
small dogs scream and pull

abandoned old car
spray painted bright neon green
no one will tow you

we have lots of time
to think about syllables
timmy barely walks


Elf said...

excellent word choice
creative juices flowing
walking tiny dogs

Anonymous said...

Seeing Timmie’s face
So sad, so old, so white, sweet
Think he needs a hug?

Gussie said...

Tens, thousands of miles
away, our walks coincide
yet it means nothing.