10 May 2008

A fun announcement for you cat fans!

Cat lovers, you will love to visit Lighthouse Field now. Let's use a mathematical formula to show you why. Take one 33 acre field. Subtract all the dogs. Subtract a bunch of people. Which equals the Hordes of Feral Cats! Come and meet the new wildlife that the State Parks Rangers want to protect. I am actually not protecting the feral cats due to I have dogs that enjoy chasing cats and I am oh so contrary to the wishes of the State Parks. These cats are BOLD, show their dirty little cat faces right in front of dogs. My dogs? Hello. Ruby is a terrier. Do the cat math some more. Otterpop, always in for the chase. Gustavo? I suspect he has terrier somewhere in his missing DNA.

This morning, a nice lady walking her white, speckly on a leash, seeing my Ruby send a kitty cat right up an ancient old cypress, hanging on to the wide trunk with feral cat claws stretched out like Jesus, had the insight to point out to me that if I kept my dogs on leashes, they wouldn't chase the cats. She had the cutest jacket on, the lady did. She looked like a nice lady and had a good color of lipstick. You know what I said to her, don't you?

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