06 April 2008

Having a night of glamor without the team.

Last night, the team had to stay home when I went to Karl and Deb's for dinner and hopefully did not howl. I can't even grammarize that right now. Have at it. I taught the dogs that neat and funny trick to all start howling together and sometimes they think, hey, let's do it when there is NO ONE HOME so the neighbors think the green house with the paint falling off of it has been overrun by rabid javelinas. This is led by Otterpop, who always has to have the last word. A loud and long lasting last word.

Let's just say that really a lot of bottles of wine were opened, and then I got into a fight with her. This is pluckyfluff. The nation's foremost handspun yarn spinning yarn spinner and someone you don't really want to reckon with. We had a good reason though. She loved the movie Into the Wild and I think you know how I felt about that movie, right down to those ugly ass film titles that still give me nightmares sometimes to an Eddie Vedder soundtrack.

At some point I think it is possible I started seeing things in doubles.

That's when the fun just begins, right?

Luckily instead of dreaming about those horrible film titles and mountain cam Sean Penn shots, I had dreams of nice things.

Like these.

But then I got woken up by a spitting headache and a dog standing on top of my hair licking my forehead and I believe that I may have invited a whole lot of people over for a garden party today and I have an unplastered office and no garden and dirty things everywhere and the paint is all falling off my house and I believe that I may have said I would cook things. And my car had a sleepover at the dinner party. It is a glamorous lifestyle indeed, but someone's got to do it.

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