04 April 2008

Can you identify Team Small Dog?

Today I tried to practice some challenging distance challenges with my dogs.

Boy did we suck. There is no gamblers teeter for Otterpop anywhere in her near future. Let's just leave it at that. Long story of teeter heartbreak. However you can send her to the weaves from bizarre places like relaxing in a lawn chair or a parked car. Very useful for those gamblers Q's. Ruby, little bit more of a wildcard. I thought that I had spent lots of time working on tunnel and contact discriminations with her, like YEARS, but today she proved me wrong. Such is life when you train dogs the team small dog way.

It was just kind of one of those days. You've had them.

But I thought perhaps our distance issues are a problem that could be retrained overlooked by sporty outfits?

We've been down this path before. We liked Jillian's sporty Project Runway coats and sweaters for dog agility wear. But for spring and summer, I saw these golf pictures and I thought, that is the face of dog agility! Lady golfers! They have spikey shoes. With tassels! The ladies looked so nice and friendly with smooth pony tails and this mysterious one glove. There were plaid knee shorts and shirts with collars and little skirts with things to stick your things you balance your golfing balls on. Before you whack it into some bushes or a giant windmill filled with broken beer bottles.


Elf said...

Right, so I can tell Timmy and Gustavo pretty easily, but I am not yet a master-level Otterpop/Ruby discriminator. I think that I know exactly what Otterpop looks like, and then there is an action shot of both of them and I cannot always tell who is whom. I am abashed.

I will go wear some sporty plaid to see whether it helps improve my discernment.


Double S said...


Can't you tell it was the Pop b/c of the ass view shot? (grin)

Capt TSD--

I hear you on the ladies golf wear, but really today what I needed was your input on the Rubber Ducky look. It was raining sideways, too muddy to run in our trial, and this team was wet and cold despite multiple layers of "weatherproof" non-fashionista clothing. (Read: windpants and polarfleece and nylon hooded jackets/ponchos. Not Project Runway material fur sher). So yellow rubber raingear was looking super cool today. Am I going crazy??? Input!!!!

team small dog said...

Here is the secret. A 9 year old invented this way to tell them apart.

Otterpop has a tail. Ruby has a stub.
Otterpop=popsicle. A popsicle has a stick that is a handle. Otterpop's tail is like the handle of Otterpop and you cannot grab Ruby by her stub.

Otterpop is speckly too and Ruby less so but that would be a really good photographer that could show you that.

Yeah and Otterpop is a butt and Ruby's nickname is Sister Mary Ruby so she is never a butt, even if she chases the squirrels.

Hmm the raingear question is a tough one. There is a trial here called Haute Tracs that lasts 4 days of raining bad weather sometimes. I am not going to it because I am cursed of it. But it is covered with people in hooded things as you speak of.

It looks like an army of plastic bags with eyes coming out of slits. It is scarey. One Part of the curse I have has to do with trying to run Otterpop by people in rain coats. Just not a good idea.

I cannot bear to wear rain gear because of the ugliness factor, and I have to wear stuff like this too part of the year because I work outside. I have a black Spiewak parka with an furry eskimo hood and I just have wet jeans and my goretex shoes and I am just used to being wet all day, but may call in sick to a wet all day dog agility trial. I think if you have to pick a colorful rain gear look, Rubber Ducky is not a bad way to go! This is clearly an area that needs development by the Project Runway designers.