22 March 2008

A useful thing for Guns and Roses.

A nice thing to do, if you're on the way to work, and today there was no time to run the dogs, or let the puppy practice weave poles, let alone take him to practice his lowered running a-frame, is just get in the car, with the windows down, and play some Guns and Roses really loud. Maybe you would like Welcome to the Jungle. For a few minutes, you won't have that hateful feeling that all this would be possible if the ranch was just at your own house. And it will erase all the weird dreams you had in the night.


Anonymous said...

Dear TSD,
Even though it was a very busy day for you, I hope you find time to enjoy a little time running on the beach with something nice and soothing to drink in your hand. I do have a question for you. You know I, too, have a puppy and am amazed to see your home still intact. How do you do it? Is it because your dogs are always playing snarky-face (I think that's how you put it) or are they just so very well behaved. Currently my dining table legs are in old buckets (Dee thinks they should at least match and they don't) screen doors are ripped, ottomans are chewed and various dining room chairs, rocking chairs, bras and panties are almost ruined. We get the Costco pack of beef pizzle (gross), but there's always that chance she'll chew when you're not looking. And, yes, she goes in a kennel when we're out. I love her to death, but man, Martha Stewart would NOT approve of the decor here.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I forgot the walls and door trim and agility equipment.

team small dog said...

Here are things Gustavo has chewed: money, brand new pair of Lucky Brand Jeans, Visa bill, tax folder, many pens, my glasses, many New Yorker magazines, phone numbers, a chair leg, many pillows, there are probably more that don't come instantly to mind.

In my favor are these factors. He is probably at least 1 1/2 yrs, or older now. I have no idea how old he is. He could be 2. No idea. Our house is 800sf-it is like one big room, so it is easy to catch him. I listen carefully for the sound of money shredding when I can't see him. He weighs 12lbs, so damage is not so easily done as a big dog.

Much playing of snarky face does help, as do bones and non contraband dog toys to eat that are always plentiful when we leave the house.

A long morning run-where he is flat out running 100mph for one hour-makes a difference. This is challenging now. Also they go to work with me, so they aren't alone a lot to chew.

I do like the table legs in buckets idea! Martha has nannies for her dogs so she doesn't have to use it. She may understand if you did use Dee's suggestion and have all matching buckets from the Martha Stewart Collection available at Kmart.