02 March 2008

A Travelogue-Marfa, Texas.

Here is what I can tell you about Marfa.

It is in West Texas. Near the bottom of Texas, a nice drive across the desert down to Mexico. The population is 2400 and it is hard to get to. Hours from an airport. You drive across the desert to get there from anywhere. When movies want to say, Wide Open Spaces Type Desert Landscape, they sometimes use Marfa. Especially if the movie is starring Daniel Day Lewis or Sheriff Tommy Lee Jones because his giant ranch of cattle and polo ponies is there. Or near there. Do you remember the movie where Sheriff Ed Tom Jones has to drag the body of his friend across the desert into Mexico? Also Marfa.

Also, Tommy Lee Jones loves dogs, except we believe, through extensive research, that he loves catahoula dogs. And does not do dog agility. However, in an interesting twist, if you search on "dog agility" and "Tommy Lee Jones" on google together, guess what comes up? Team Small Dog. Not unlike Diablo Cody. Who I believe may not actually know Tommy Lee Jones, but who does have a dog.

Marfa also is an up and coming arts place. Which is odd yet thrilling. But if I am obsessed with it, then likely others are, others who are the types of people that actually up and move to their obsessed places and are happy living in the desert on their ranches. I up and moved to the desert once. I wanted to quit riding and go to graduate school. But I ended up dropping out of the MFA program and riding for a lady with her own little place and then moving back to California. But I did love the desert. I had these friends there, I can't remember their names. They were the friends of the guys in the Meat Puppets, who lived down the street from me. Somehow they ended up towing me out to the middle of nowhere all the time with them to spend all day walking around in the Superstition Mountains with them. Which was sometimes scarey because they also took a lot of drugs but somehow they never got us lost. They were nice. They all had really, really long hair. I still have scars in my leg from walking into cactus. I didn't have a dog then. That was a weird time, the Arizona time.

Um, hey all my famous artist friends. If you get invited to anything in Marfa, can I go as your date? Donald Judd bought the old Air Force Base and it is becoming an important center of contemporary art. In Marfa. Of course. It looks like you might have to drive far for dog agility trials if you live in Marfa. And make sure to scrape the cactus down good off your dirt where you are going to put your stuff. But it is temperate weather there and you will have lots of room! I already checked the real estate site. Everyone can probably afford to move to Marfa. I can definitely get a ranch there.

Not sure what Gary is going to think about all this. I have a feeling it will turn out like the time I thought we would move to Yucca Valley. Then it all burned up. It was very cheap there though and we could have beome retired people. We had a nice field trip for real estate viewing. We went to Pappy and Harriet's. Which actually Almost won Gary over. I wonder what the meth lab situation is in Marfa?

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