06 March 2008

Moving at the speed of fat burning.

Many of you, I mean actually, one of you, asked how the fitness challenge was going. Because apparently I made some kind of crack a while back about how skinny I was going to be for next time I run Hobbes. Which is at Madera. Which is in like a week and a half. I just looked at the calendar.

Oops. We forgot to exercise. I mean, we practice. We dog walk. Shuffle. So Timmy can go. I ride horses at work. But that is not the same as the glorious Fitness Challenge I had planned. Of exercising every day and melting those inches right off.

So we tried this morning.

For like 1 Elvis Costello song.

Luckily my spacious 800sf home, filled with 4 dogs, has ample exercise room in the sparkling clean Fitness Studio. Which can also be called spare bedroom or where the computer is due to unplastered office (see flood fiasco of rain), or currently the Tax Record Keeping System Room. Also room of where my shoes are that should not be chewed on by certain dog/puppies.

I tried some sit ups. You can see where this is going.

It involves stomach pouncing. For like 5 situps. Not sure if this counts as muscle building. Then I just gave up and I'll take 'em all for a shuffle. I mean they can run while I shuffle along with Timmy. I risk getting them a huge ticket because now I am a criminal for walking dogs on no leashes in the park. I shuffle for Timmy. We will burn at least several calories I hope shuffling. Maybe enough to destroy last night's Dirt Nite Cupcake Calories?

Maybe tomorow is the Project Runway update. You all know who won, right?

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Anonymous said...

Your public awaits your fierce PR commentary.