05 March 2008

A fun and motivational game for nice dogs.

So when we practice, after practice comes the best game. Insane Frisbee for a Treat.

The rules are, Otterpop is the great and powerful ruler of all frisbees. Anyone who can get the frisbee who is not Otterpop will get treats.

Much barking and running and frisbee theft and slamming into other dogs is encouraged. I yell. It is a loud game. Nuns maybe would not allow this game at church.

This is not a good game for dogs who are not Team Small Dog to play with Team Small Dog. Dog feelings get hurt. We have tried. It just doesn't work the same. Big dogs, other small dogs, it just changes the dynamic. There is snarkiness and there could be border collies and SOMEONE just laying on top of the frisbee until border collies go elsewhere.

Everyone looks forward to Insane Frisbee. Mostly we play it after practicing when we practice by our lonesome because it is a game of yelling and barking and attacking things. And the whole feelings getting hurt issue. If you could see my dogs practice by themselves, anyone who has ever seen them be less than speedy, or downright slow, would be aghast. They are the fastest small dogs in town. They never miss a contact. Or a pole entry. They have mad distance skillz and are nuts. When goats are the only ones watching.

Practice with a couple other people, they're pretty fast.

Practice in class, they're ok fast.

Practice at a fun match, ok fast.

Go to the dog show? Maybe fast. Maybe slow. It depends on 47 different factors including weather, what articles of clothing judges are wearing that day, who else is in line with them to go in the ring and the train schedule.

We are hoping Gustavo breaks the cycle of madness that is our downfall in the dog show ring. Today we practiced doing actual little courses, running as damn fast as we could. Me and him. It was the first time really doing that. We have done so many little drills at slower speeds it was cool to see he knows a front cross and a rear cross and go ons and outs. Just like how it works on tv! So that's going to be how we all practice for a while, just bringing the speed back into things and some of the Insane Frisbee Madness onto the course. There was no Buck Owens today. I wish I had a boombox out there and it would have been classic rock day, if your classic rock is the Sex Pistols and Dead Kennedys.

View from the table cam.

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