30 March 2008

I swear I am trying to fix the RSS feed.

Hmm. Look what some hoodlum did to all those New State Parks Signs about the leashes.

These are just gratuitous photos. Maybe my mom would like them.

She knows I have a blog. She calls it a Blah-dge. Like rhymes with Lodge. She looked at it once and saw a picture of a dog! It was on the internet! I always thought she would like to see more photos but it's hard to be the child that does not provide actual grandkids but just has a mess of dogs.

But also I took them because I got home from work and Colorado dog agility lady who also loves the Clash, Elayne, put up a picture of herself and her dogs wearing almost exactly what I wore to work yesterday. She said hers was a Crazy Dog Lady Outfit. Mine is just regular work clothes. I may have a horribly wrong sense of what is Regular.

Also, if you know about RSS Feeds and Blogger, I would love any kind of help you could offer me. I do want to have a working RSS Feed but it is woefully beyond my skill level. Thank you so much to the Agility Nerd who has been trying to help me too!


team small dog said...

Um, if you use an RSS, is it working now? Between Steve the Agility Nerd's help, and my leaving my house to go take an agility lesson with Jim Basic, I believe to have possibly magically fixed it? Maybe all those jumpers courses we worked on and my not doing Flick Aways? Thanks Jim and Steve! If this is true. If you use the RSS and it works now, let me know!

chris said...

It is working... at least it is showing up again on google reader.
I've tried leaving the house so that things will magically fix themselves, but it has never worked. But I didn't know about the magic of Agility Nerd and agility lesson with Jim Basic...

Unknown said...

Hey Laura -
Yippe Yi O Kai Ay! Your RSS feed is working! I actually got to your blog from my NetNewsWire RSS feeder reader thingy today.

Also, Timmy definitely has Canine Cognitive Dysfunction just like Teddi. There is a drug for it called Anipryl - maybe it will help him. Teddi has only been on it for 3 days so I can't tell a difference yet.

Your blogger friend, Melissa

team small dog said...

Wow. Can't believe it is fixed! I hope all the RSS people are very happy!

Timmy also has cushings, so a lot of the CCD symptoms that Anipryl (which used to be used for cushings but not as effective as lysodren) are probably from that and likely tumor still spreading to other areas of brain. So he is on lysodren, a chemo type drug to stablizie the cushings. The vet is afraid to mix the lysodren and the anipryl. i do often wonder if we tried the anipryl what would happen, but the cushings is pretty intense to deal with.

Elayne said...

Somehow the same outfit doesn't look quite at crazy dog lady on you, maybe because your vest looks like it actually fits and is not a men's size too big for you. Plus the leopard pattern on the hat adds to the Crazy Dog Lady look. Usually I have the leopard mittens as well to finish off the ensemble but it was too warm. My husband always waits until I get home from somewhere to laugh at me and tell me how crazy dog lady I look.

team small dog said...

Ah yes, we do not have mittens in our part of the world! If I ever get some, I will make sure to get leopard!

Elf said...

My dad--who was a techie person long before I was a techie person--calls my blog a "B-log", like "e-mail", although I've explained that it's not "B-stands-for-something" (maybe Banal) but " 'blog contraction for weblog". But he thinks that sounds silly.

I tried to turn on RSS feed on my B-log. I barely knew what it was. I don't know whether it works. No one has ever mentioned it to me again after a couple of people asked for it, so I don't know whether it works. Technology is a lovely thing.