27 February 2008

Trick Training-Not really a primer.

I was going to tell you I trained Gustavo to do this great new trick!

Called go through my camouflage tote, open up all the pockets, and extract money out of the smallest one and eat the money!

It was going to be a highly shaped trick, with a lot of backchaining to get the sequence just right.

But that would be wrong. The work of the diablo. I would be telling a lie. He just does stuff like that and if you happen to have good ears, you can hear the sound of your MONEY BEING SHREDDED from the other room and go save it quick. Hey, I am saving money!

But I sort of realized this might be the key to his more effective training. It is The Secret! These are the little things I should be shaping, right? So I can eventually have this cool command like Go and Make Our Nation's Recession Worse! and he runs over and does that right when I say. The old folks would love that one! I am sure is a useful application for agility at a later date.


Elf said...

Useful in agility if only you could do it in the opposite direction: "Go and make that judge's personal economic situation better."


team small dog said...

Genius! This is why you are a better dog trainer than me!

Anonymous said...

Oh I so hope you stayed up to watch the best Project Runway of the Season! But how could they not pick Chris??!!?? Human hair. Oh my god. I love Chris. I expect commentary, Team Small Dog. I am at at loss for words, so it's up to you.