26 February 2008

Do you think Diablo Cody would like dog agility?

She has a small dog, I believe it to be a chihauhua, named Barnabas. She looked badass at the Oscars. Her leopard print with sparkliness dress was Dior, and she had somewhat chunky legs strutting out from the big high leg slit. I believe her to be the only Oscar receiver with visible tattoos! And she went from stripper to blogger to Oscar winning screenwriter.

Tim Gunn does not help her either. I LOVED her Oscar look but apparently it was not popular elsewhere. I have a little leopard print velcro purse on a nylon strap that Ruby tugs on and gets treats out of. She wrote about behind the scenes information about strippers. I like to write about behind the scenes information about dog agility. Also we enjoy the fact that her name is Diablo. Which is like Devil. And Devil Dog spelled backwards is God Lived. It is like a spiritual connection!

I did some research here. I went on google and typed in Diablo Cody and Dog Agility. Guess what comes up?

Team Small Dog. Hi Diablo Cody!

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