29 February 2008

To take our minds off Recessions and Global Warming!

It used to be easier to go places with only 2 dogs.

The pumpkin patch!

Drive around states like Colorado and go to locales like Panguitch and Bakersfield.

And Tonopah. To collect junk around old mine shafts and go to ghost towns. And roadside rock museums! And houses in caves!

Now with 4 dogs, and one of them sickly and demented and blind and deaf, it's hard to just take a road trip. And with a much bigger business than I used to have. Like no days off, even though I'm my own boss. But lately, that's all I want to do. Just get in the car and drive to Death Valley and look for ghost towns. Then just keep going around Utah and Nevada and drive around to deserted towns and find compounds and junk and mine shafts and stay in motels that look Batesy, yet not infested or ax murdery. Eat a lot of biscuits at diners with lots of taxidermy and let the dogs run around the desert.

I think this was all back in the day of before dog shows. Definitely before 4 dogs. My next exciting vacation will be an exciting trip to Motel 6 in Madera in a few weeks for one day of dog showing, then driving home. Sandwiched between work. Maybe I shouldn't be blaming this on all the dogs.

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Elf said...

This is exactly what I've been complaining about, more and more each year. Each town looks the same to me, the dogwalks and the canopies, and every same old face I see reminds me that I long to be...having the kind of interesting life and going interesting places like I USED to go! What's with that?

OK, that's good, I'll have to use it in MY blog someday. Like, very soon, actually, because I've already started working on Bucket List Post Part 2.