11 February 2008

It is possible this is something you will not believe.

Does this embody the Spirit of the Sunshine?

OK. So the Words Sunshine Czar might not be the first words you think of when you think of my name. Even if I was to sing my favorite song line of the week:

"Shine on me sunshine Walk with me world It's a skip a dee do dah day
I'm the happiest girl in the whole usa"

But I might sing it less like Donna Fargo in her '70's smooth country lite voice and more like Bart Simpson trying to sound like Madonna with an English accent trying to sound like Method Man.

But anyways. Guess who is the New Sunshine Czar of the SMART dog club? That would be Me!

So we were at the dog club meeting. It was a lovely sunny day and everyone brought their dogs to run some dog agility. And Ruby seemed not any worse at least, and I ran her just a little (she was actually happy out doing jumpers, happy to go around a portion of a standard run, and unhappy to play fetch around a bunch of other dogs...), and Otterpop was actually super great and fast because I ran her with a wood stick or a frisbee with me. And Gustavo did some of his learning how to do teeters and contacts on the dog walk and ran around with me on the jumpers course and actually some jumps and front crosses and he was So Good! And it was hot and lovely and we had lunch and no one was mean.

So Rob, who actually sometimes reads this and cringes that he lets me run his dog when he does, he says, "We need a Sunshine Czar to send cards to people who have death in the family or their dog dies, that kind of thing." But he used better grammar when he said this.

And no one volunteered. And I am thinking, well that is a nice thing to do for Others, but also I am thinking, I have never had any kind of name attached to me anything REMOTELY like Sunshine Czar and I believe that should be my new name. Many of the names that may be attached to me or called behind my back are probably more like Most Opposite of Sunshine Czar of Evil Meaness Does not embody the Spirit of Generosity and Love. Well, hello. Guess who is now the new Sunshine Czar of the dog club?

Are you still stuck on that I am even in a club? Did I lose you there?

Sunshine Czar.

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