22 February 2008

Footwear for Dog Agility-A primer.

Yesterday was another rainy day.

I made the dogs dress up in costumes at work. Hey, come on. It's tiny little horse blankets. It's a barn. It's cold and wet. They shiver. Ruby is feeling how I was feeling most of the day. I went home early.

It could have been a worse day. I could have had wet feet. But I was wearing my sporty new shoes!

I picked them out myself. Without Tim Gunn. Uh oh.

They are this really special shade of red, I believe Lipstick Red. Avon LIpstick Red. Not Nars. Or even Mac.

Quit yer giggling. I hear that. Even over here.

And I handwalked horses in the rain all day in them and my feet were dry and they were way more comfortable than boots. What is handwalking? When it's too wet and muddy to ride, you attach a horse to a rope and probably a chain and you walk around. Oh, so pleasant you are saying? Is like strolling with the dogs? Well, let's say you have 16 of them. Average weight is about 1000lbs. Their legs are attached to big, heavy hooves with metal shoes that are powered by actual horsepower. Some of them are friendly and some of them are very, very tired of standing around in a stall because you won't let them go out and play in the mud. And they are very, very afraid of things such as a truck! A piece of grass that blows! A tiny bird! And luckily no horses came stomping down on my new goretex shoes, which is a super way to break a toe into a million tiny pieces or even worse, rip a brand new expensive shoe. They have super tready soles for agility in wet grass and they were from England! Hi everyone in England-do you have these shoes and NO ONE LAUGHS AT THEM THERE?

I almost got these ones. The ones with slightly higher heel are Balenciaga's. My new ones are Innov-8. The Balenciaga's didn't come in Goretex.

And I just got a trial confirmation from the CPE trial this weekend that I didn't even know I entered but I did somehow via magic and I'm going. And it says be prepared for bad, bad, bad weather of wind and rain. Oh boy! It's in a covered ring but still let's just say that again. Oh boy!

But who's going to have the dryest, most Eurpopean feet in the dirty, damp, blowing covered arena out there in that cow field on Sunday?


Anonymous said...

"Which ones are Laura's?"

Oh my god, that was a frightening, frightening picture to view so early in the morning. I think I need to go search a Hush Puppies ad (do they still make Hush Puppies?) just to soothe my terror.

I am so very glad that you picked the lovely red ones, Laura. Glad, really glad.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed that Stacy and Clinton ALWAYS have their client wear a red shoe with a jean? You are very in, Laura. Warm and dry, too. I've never had a red shoe. I guess I'm out.
Oh, and I know why I got that speeding ticket last Dirt Night. I wore a tapered jean. Bad style ju-ju. The style gods were angry.

team small dog said...

The tapered jean has huge, great, evil powers we are only beginning to understand. Try the straight leg/low to mid rise Deb! You can drive as fast as you want to.

OBay Shelties said...

Hmmm...even in England we would laugh at those! My Innov-8s are a subtle shade of blue and yellow and I couldn't live without my gore-tex running shoes now.

Elf said...

Ho, I'm staying home this weekend and did not enter the CPE trial (not necessarily in that order) and I'll be thinking of you having fun at Elk Grove while I'm trying to get 3 weeks worth of [billable] work done in 2 days.


team small dog said...

Rats. They are English shoes and they would be laughed at in England. There goes my whole European excuse.

Um, I hope we're having fun in Elk Grove. This whole giant muddaf**er of a storm supposedly coming in is sort of freaking me out now...

Anonymous said...

You can't be freaked out. I keep saying, "Well, LAURA'S not freaked out by the storm, so I'm going if she's going."

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team small dog said...

Hey Sandy at dita turf shoes.

Throw in a pair of kicks on your dime, and you gots yourself a deal. That's how we play the game at my house.


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