28 February 2008

Did you get the license plate of the truck?

So I know. I didn't tell you about Project Runway for a while. I even was going to, and it just was so lame and it made me sad to try and write something about it so I probably just wrote some dumb thing about a dog.

So then last night, it was the one where Tim Gunn goes to visit everyone to see their collections! He drives around to all their houses in a Saturn Product Placement. We get to see their houses or their studios. Or in the case of Chris, besides seeing his studio where he is making these total Dexter Show Me The Tiny Shrunken Scalps Attached Oscar outfits with human hair (Like teeth too? No. Just hair.) we also go to his friend's super coolest NY apartment ever where he has built it out with insane moldings on every flat surface like the most overmolded Rococo yet sort of Spanish inspired Versailles thing ever. Tim Gunn almost loses his shit over that one.

We visited Jillian's parents' Long Island house which isn't really what I was expecting and Jillian and her parents all have the same Christmas decorations that my parents have too. Even though Jillian is a tights wearing under formal shorts person. We visited Rami's house in Silverlake and his storefront design studio which sort of was what I was expecting. Christian lives in a super tiny closet with roomates in NY and makes all his giant, fluffy neck clothes in the tiny closet and sleeps in his tote bag under a table.

So I was going to tell you all about this episode but here was the thing. During dirt night, we had this sequence where we had to get them in the right side of the tunnel, after this super fast loadup of a couple jumps, the chute, and another jump. It was basically like the dog rocket shooting them to the left side of the tunnel and we had to pull them in the right side. I had 3 dogs to run. Who were all really wired last night, like I was yelling at dogs all night, BE QUIET! SHUT UP! And first time through it with Hobbes, augh he kept running in the left side of the tunnel and back I'd go through the whole loadup sequence to get that speed and get him in the hard pull side of the tunnel. And it took me a few times. And then it's Ruby's turn and same thing. And back through the fast loadup and pull and maybe too a few times. And then it's Otterpop's turn, she's not as fast right? And I think it still took me a couple times with her.

And then we had another course that had a similar thing and I think I had to go back a couple times with at least a couple dogs. And I was just running, running, running. It was a pretty fun night. I would not say that I ran error free last night. I would say I was cracking up a lot because the dogs were just flying and I'd make a mistake and it was cracking me up and I'd be laughing which makes my dogs faster and maybe not really Hobbes because he wants me to do it right so he can tug on his shred of a thing but I was laughing at him too. So a lot of oxygen being used by my running cackling shrieking run style, perhaps less effective than a good DOG'S NAME COME COME PULL SHOULDER INTO THAT SIDE of the tunnel. What is so funny about making errors during agility is what I'd like to know?

And then when it was time to finish watching Project Runway all I can tell you I woke up to see Heidi give Chris the double death kiss of auf weidershnicken and off he went. Um, I guess it repeats some night, right? And today, this morning, I feel like a truck just hit me. Next time I run that many fast runs with that many fast dogs, I am seeing a little advil for a nitecap.

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Anonymous said...

You made it a bit farther than I did, Laura...I saw Rami's place, then fell asleep. Must've been that double drive to Dirt Night. I DID have my sneakers for that mind-clearing run in Pogonip this afternoon, though. Now I feel very namaste. This is good.
Oh, and I've promised myself a pair of red shoes after I finish the 15 report cards I have left to do this weekend. Never had a pair, but both you and Tim (Stacy and Clinton, too) think we should wear them. Shopping for them will be a needed distraction.