01 January 2008

Don't you think the numbers 2008 look way better than last year's?

It's new years, but I tried to finish with the holidays a couple days ago. I had enough. I went to bed last night before midnight, but did wake up for the New Years Dog Freaking Out Explosions, the fireworks tradition of our neighborhood to set off giant, loudtastic rockets or bombs or fireworks all night on many holidays. I'm not sure what they are. They basically sound like exploding things from war movies outside the window. I suspect neighbor Tony. He likes to buy stuff to blow up online. And it is a work day for me. In the interest of Good Customer Service, I am having a Fun Day at work. I am planning the fun right now. I think it is going to be a Dancing With The Stars Horse Drill Team Over Fences Contest. Never say I'm no fun.

Also I have this thing in my web logs that shows me what people search on to go to teamsmalldog.com. Like, let's say you are looking for a tiara to wear to a dog show. Guess where google sends you? To Team Small Dog! But I am pretty sure I have never worn a tiara to a dog show. I usually wear sporty pants or cashmere. Sometimes big belt buckles. But tiaras are not a bad idea.

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