31 December 2007

Usually you need a headlamp and a jumpsuit for this.

How does this team ever provide good customer service? Do you see a problem here?

The way you get underneath our house is through little vents. Most nice people keep their little vents carefully screened up so that animals don't get under there. The kinds of nice people who do maintanence on their house and garden. The kinds of homeowners with crap piled up in their driveways and unsightly, trashy piles of boards and tarps and paint cans outside the back door and recycling piles everywhere and messy yards with weeds, they don't always have covers. That would be me. We've cultured a very ghetto look to our house over the last year or so. So I figure, well, the cat, it can go under the house. Get any mice out. Have a nice dry spot for the rain.

Twelve Pound Dogs fit too. Scrawny, little animals, smaller than cats. We got one dog here fits that descrip. Yep, and that's where Gustavo likes to hang out now. Under the house. I guess he isn't exactly hanging out there, though. That would be too understated. I believe actually either frolicking or hunting. Not sure who else is under there with him, because he slips through the tiny little cat size vent and runs around and barks. You can hear him from here, in the house. Under your feet somewhere, with his weird little Mexican Pet bark. Running. The barking sounds are over here and now over there. Why, I hear him now. Down where it's moldy and dark and damp and spiders and cable guy stuff. Running and barking that funny non dog bark. This is who I am trying to teach weave poles to?

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