15 January 2008


I already had one of those moments where I actually looked at the paper and had to see about the lethal new bacteria and they were talking about climate change and everyone got murdered the other night and you know, how can I top that? OH yeah, we're all avoiding that! Ha HA! Just because I am truly wrong at heart and why should I try to hide that with all my lying about customer service, here you go. So you can be in a black mood too!

Lethal New Bacteria is Spreading! Watch Out! It is Lethal and it Could Spread to YOU!

Climate Change! Hopefully we will all be Dead before it starts to Kill Us All! But you will Always BE Thinking about the Polar BEARS!

Many People Were Murdered Recently but Also Died Random and Sad Deaths.

There are Not Enough Police to Take Care of the Horrible Crime!

Not enough Nurses to Help you with the Lethal Bacteria!

Housing Prices Actually are Rising Unless you are the Ones Getting Foreclosed on! And have the TAX BURDEN of the Short Sale!

See? Now don't you feel crummy too? This is why we have the dog agility. Total denial of our Real Universe! I'm going to go practice right now.


Anonymous said...

You forgot that they are now going to close all of our State Parks!!!! Good news is everywhere. I had to double-up on coffee just to keep myself from plummeting into despair. ZING! Tash

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your Black Mood. I'm in a really great mood because Agility is Really Fun! Especially on grass. Especially with Dee! Especially with 5 Aussies and 1 Sheltie with Owner Who Cracks Jokes All the Tiem. You missed Dee and the Elephants pictures! You were at a funeral. Not a great week for Team Small Dog! Sorry! PR was lame! You are right! Proms are Boring! Tomorrow is Dirt Night! We'll have fun!!! Dirty Fun!!! Deb wrote you a whole post, here, to cheer you up. She told me in the Fun Agility Class tonight. I'm sure it would have cheered you up, if she hadn't lost the post. She is a PR fan, too! She, also, requests 24-delay on commentary because she TiVos it, too. She has long list of Agility Fashion questions for you, involving underwear questions, hot dog in hair and bra questions, etc. Cheer up! Agility Fashion Tips are fun!

You sure have been taking good photos! Photogenic Dogs Are Fun!

Are you cheered up, yet!?!! I'll try harder, but I have to go to bed now.

Now I can't remember my damn google identity, either, Deb. This may be lost. Team Small Dog will not be cheered up. It's up to you, now, Deb, except if this is lost, you won't see it. Try again, Deb! Don't forget to always carefully cut and paste your posts from an application on your own personal computer. Don't forget that you forget your identities and passwords all the time and then lose long posts like this one! Take my advice. If you see it.

team small dog said...

It's probably just the horrible bacteria eating away at the posts before the drought strikes. Tash helped the black mood by suggesting sake along with our beer tonight. I am very happy to answer Agility Fashion Tips Questions. I have more than enough information to pass along on pretty much every subject except for who we are supposed to vote for for president. Maybe Deb can be in charge of that if she finds her password.