07 December 2007

Project parka.

Sometimes, this is just what I look like.

OK. It just gets so sad sometimes, that it takes me a bit to get over it. Not my damp parka.

Last week Marion. This week Chris. When little crybaby face Ricky is still left standing.

Does it do this to me every season? There are always the ones I can't WAIT for to get the ax, like how much did you just want Vincent gone last season? And Daniel Franco made me barf. I wasn't sad to see Carmen's hair go last week. Although, that whole thing with mens' suits just seemed wrong and evil. But still. Goodbye Carmen's hair! I am sure you are nice ex model Carmen but Goodbye your hair!

I of course, blame it on Heidi. She said Marion's ugly fringe idea was dirty. Bitch. I KNOW Tim Gunn did not want them to make suits or use neon colors and fringe. Not when they had to face vicious talons of snarky Michael Kors and Donna Karan and that other one, Nina. I think I just love almost all the designers too much and I want them ALL to win. That might be some of my poor competitve spirit there. Can't we all just get along?

I had sort of liked Victoria up until this week. Even though Ricky was being completely lame, her attitude was poor and she is so not invited EVER to join Team Small Dog. Even with the fastest Jack Russell which she would probably train so well to beat the pants off of my dogs every time. Take that Victoria. Blackballed as of now. Even though she was the agility favorite with her arm strap holder dress. So not anymore.

I think Sweet P is the one who we could use for a team designer instead. Thanks Sweet P! Maybe you could work with Santino on some costumes once the season is all over, if you're not too busy. She's got to have a dog. She is not super skinny and is ok with things a little bit baggy. She jumped up and down like a monkey the time she got her mens pants to fit. She loves Elisa, yet is horrified by her. (By the way-Elisa, Karl did we know her from CalArts? Doesn't she seem familiar? Or was it just a lot of people somewhat like Elisa and I rolled them all into her?)

If Elisa was a dog, she would be Ruby. Otterpop would be Jillian. Actually, she might not be mean enough. But she seems closest to being the meanest one, Victoria is too anal to be an Otterpop. Although so is Jillian. Perhaps there is no Otterpop equivalent in Project Runway right now. Maybe Kit if she was all strung out on meth and had a pistol shooting rampage. That would work. Timmy would be Marion (come back Marion!) and Gustavo is clearly Christian but he would have to sew REALLY fast. I bet after Christian has a few cups of coffee, he is a dead ringer for Gustavo. You know. In case I ever needed team small dog to do a nice play called Project Runway as Interpreted by Team Small Dog. And I am not damn Heidi. That's for damn sure.

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Anonymous said...

Hooray! Chris is back! Don't worry you are not a damn Heidi by any means. Christian deserved to win tonight, but what an irritating little 21 year old. And Ricky cries, again! Thank god that was so funny when Tim said he makes most of his mistakes at 3 a.m., because otherwise it was kind of a sad (HIV positive stuff is never light-hearted) and boring. But Tim was very cute. I wake up and think life is a mistake at 3 a.m. Not so cute.