08 December 2007

It is the season of the picky.

What's the team pulling?

Well, you mighta find out iffen yer on my Xmas card list. If you aren't, email me privately your postal address and get yer own official Team Small Dog card of Xmas, with a theme of Nice-ness this year. In the interest of Good Customer Service!

I keep thinking it might be time to get into some holiday spirit. We don't have room in our tiny house for a tree of Xmas. We did have a moment of Hanukah one night. I have some Xmas decorations in the garage, and some holiday lights. But it's that whole thing of, then first I'd have to clean the house. And I still need to plaster the office and finish the roof painting (hey square dancing roofer, you still have the gutters to FINISH!!!).

Tony across the street waits for me to do my lights then he does his because we have the Christmas light challenge! Although neither me nor Tony's lights are really all that impressive but it gets both of us putting up our lights. But I need to go out and have a chat with Tony re. global warming and what we should do about that this year? And then if I actually put up the Xmas decorations (my favorite is the sparkle pine cone with 4th of july flags and tiny little presents from an estate sale in a weird 70's house in Bernal Heights!) then there would have to be the Xmas shopping.

Which would involve selecting a gift for a husband who is a very, very, very picky person. The category of hobby, forgetta bout it. He has many bikes, of which he is very picky about each and every thing that involves bikes or bike outfit or bike accessory. The category of clothing or house, we have no more room in our house for an article of clothing or a house thing. Well, ok, unless it is a thing for Collections, of which we have deer, taxidermy, horse, forest animal, antler, small black dog, old guns made of wood, paint by number of any of the above or weird old paintings by insane people or mad aunties of any of the above, or pottery that holds plants in the shape of animals, or generic historical item that does not exactly fit any of the above. Then we have room for it. Do you see how easy it is to Xmas shop for ME, versus a picky, picky husband?

Usually he likes the gift of art. But this year I did not have time to make him a personal art. So any and all gift ideas for a picky, picky, husband are hugely appreciated. He doesn't read my blog. It scares him. So you can comment them to me since you all seem to be very, very quiet lately of the comments.


Anonymous said...

Generic comment/headline: Team Small Dog Blog Brightest Spot of Senior Citizen's Day

I cannot spend time here writing because I've started a new full-time job whilst still teaching end of quarter classes filled with students who each and every one of them wishes to be noticed by me with a Pass for the course, even if they really cannot read, speak or write standard English and so I am stressed to the max because I am tired because learning a new job is not easy for a Senior Citizen, and facing this stack of essays each of which needs all of my senior brain cells to figure out (and there still aren't enough of the cells), and I'm supposed to meet two agility ladies in a park to practice tomorrow, but how can I do that if I keep putting off finishing this stack of essays, but we really need to (practice) because Ariel and I are supposed to go to Santa Barbara next weekend for a fun (one-ring is my idea of fun) ASCA trial, but I will not have finished reading the Final Exam I'm giving my students next week, and now that I am working 8-5, I won't be able to leave for Santa Barbara until 5 p.m. on Friday. I'm not sure if a Senior Citizen can do all of that. Could it be a sign of dementia that she might try?

P.S. Please put up lights despite Global Warming because I want to see the presents from estate sale in Bernal Heights because I lived there (on Faith Street!) when I was a Youngster Citizen, and Ariel and I will take a stroll by and breathe deeply and calmly. Some attractive Christian Carols or Jewish-themed music (Draedel Draedel Draedel I made it out of clay) playing in the background would not be amiss. Do you have a wreath for helping neighbors through the wonders of aromatherapy, as well?

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ Mary - put up those lights...the heck w/ global warming for now.

As for Gary, I think he needs fabulous new Swobo wool jersey!!!

Or would that be too crazy? I know there's no more room for clothes...but jerseys are small!!! Tash

Anonymous said...

I think the Swobo jersey is a good idea! Also, since he is very very very picky and has record collection, you could get him those polypropelene bags for his records. I'll bet he would like to have his records very very very perfect. That isn't a very fun gift, but that's what happens to picky people. Or maybe he would like a small black dog of his own to join the team???

RK put up christmas lights and a little plastic tree (in it's third year!) that plugs in. It's nice to be festive. You can replace an incandescent bulb with a compact florescent to balance it all out. It's the little things that make christmas fun.

You have my address for the xmas card, right?

team small dog said...

Wow full time job! We hate those. With agility. That is an aggressive drive, at 5pm to Santa Barbara. Do not make yourself insane over agility-it is not going anywhere, it will stick around. I am sorry you magically turned into a Senior Citizen as well! Yikes!

I will let you all know if I get the lights up. My weird ornament collection is all for indoors but you know how much I love photos. I can't remember what street the pinecone/flag decoration thing came from in Bernal Heights though. That was a long time ago!

I will work on the carols and aromatherapy but not promising anything. There is still much plastering to be plastered here.

I will buy a wool jersey. Yes it is crazy to try and add clothes to the closet but if you bikers say he'll like it, I believe you. Not sure about the record bags since most records live in the studio which is now a garage since they don't fit in the house. Poor records. Now we have millions and millions of cds but he is not sold on ipod idea which of course all my songs are in. But we have a very different idea of songs too so he is afraid he would end up with Metallica and Spice Girls and Hank Williams and LCD Soundsystem if he had an ipod. He has heard my ipod and now assumes all ipods have the songs in mine.

I am covered in mud from a nice day at work in the mud! Yes Laurel I do have your addresss and you should see an xmas card in the mail soon!