22 November 2007

Nice happy thanksgiving chop that turkey head at the neck.

Nice leashes.

In the interest of customer service and Princess Diana and Thanksgiving I thought I would write a nice story about pie making and the beautiful sunny day and good dogs and fairies with wings. Then I opened up the paper, the quaint, Norman Rockwell old fashioned paper driveway kind, and read about the newest Lighthouse Field development involving the secret legal fee payoff between the City of Santa Cruz and the State Parks and how the whole dog thing is just a big sham and bah humbug and get those dogs off the beach. Like talk about no Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy or Kurt Cobain. Chop that big turkey head off it's neck right now. I hate being the naive doof who gets the wool eye pulled over then it makes me want to go out and slash tires with my grindy teeth and slitty eyes and foul language spewing unedited mouth.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I read your post just before leaving for Lighthouse Field morning dog walk, so read Sentinel. I think it may actually be a good thing -- I mean the damage is already long-done, and this is enough to piss me off enough to send a $ donation to Friends of Lighthouse Field and angry letters to relevant parties. So, all the City Council managed to accomplish, I'm thinking, is making people madder, and more committed.