21 November 2007

Handle it like a Princess.

So at the trial this weekend, in Masters Gamblers, you had to run around for 35 seconds, get a lot of points, then when the buzzer went off, run over to the jump behind the yellow line, send the dog out to the right about 30 feet to a set of weave poles and over another jump. While you are behind the yellow line. Not a lot of dogs were getting it-it's hard enough to do the weave poles at a far distance, let alone with a turn off of a jump that made a very hard entrance to the poles. Like would have been hard enough without being 30 feet away.

So when I practiced Tuesday, of course I set it up. And of course Ruby kept acing it no matter how much farther I got back, or set up new jump angles to make it even worse, like making the 3rd jump even farther out so she had to turn away from me after the poles and get it. She is unstoppable when we practice. You show her once, she is ON IT. Otterpop was getting it too, except missed the entry on some of her turns, speeding ahead to the third pole. She does this sometimes when she's in a hurry and I do not stand still in EXACTLY the right spot. I just yell at her and pull her back around and she hits it the next time. She did this once at the trial. Bad habit. 5 faults-refusal. Just start at the FIRST pole Otterpop! Look at That One! Not the slasher sitting there!

My dogs are SO MUCH faster and consistent when I practice by myself. They are faster and more consistent when I practice in class. They are fairly fast and somewhat inconsistent when I am at the dog show. There are tons of reasons why. Stress. Unfamiliar venue. Unfamiliar equipment. I do not have the frisbee. Or piece of cheese or any type of rotting food on my person. Judges or ring crew sitting or standing too close to the start line. Judges or ring crew standing anywhere near a contact. Heidi Klum. Freddie Krueger. Boredom from sitting around bored the whole day. The hot sun. Sore back. Sore legs. Woke up on wrong side of bed.

Come on dogs! I have been working on being someone that does not complain and has a sunny disposition and provides cheerful customer service! Come on dogs! Just go fast and be consistent at the dog show too! What would Princess Diana do? Run out fast to those weave poles EVERY SINGLE TIME, with no complaints or excuses and with Style. Always remember Princess Diana and not Courtney Love. Thank you dogs!

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