17 November 2007

I just like dogs.

I went to work really early today. To get the horses ridden and all the lessons taught. I found myself eating cold pizza for breakfast while giving shots. Yelling through lessons things like "Right Rein Right Rein!" over and over. Try to get a 7 year old to stop crying because their pony doesn't believe he can trot (some logic from my inspirational lecture about hitting the pony REALLY HARD with the whip that got twisted in 7 year old brain). Teach the nice amateur ladies on their perfect horses with impeccable grooming and the nice lady on the really big and dirty horse that is SO NOT a HUNTER but she won't fall off of. I got the good horse and the bad horse ridden early. Get my very serious 12 year olds to school their ponies. They are SO SERIOUS about their ponies. A 12 year old fell off that dirty little terrorist of a pony that hates jumping the black and white panels. The other pony was sound. But the grey horse wasn't. Figure out why this horse does that with her shoulder. Why that horse does that with his head. It just goes on and on all day until I can get home.

To run the dogs quick, pack the car, boil up some chicken and set that alarm for 4:30 so we can drive to Turlock, CA. Just so you know, I used to do that for horses but now I only do this for dogs. Not boil the chicken. I never boiled chicken for the horses. But when I was a kid, get up at 4:30 to go to weird little horse shows. Then be a grown up and go to really, really big horses shows that we had to drive long and far to in the horse trailer. Now I have zero interest in going anywhere with the horses. I just like to go to the dog shows. For so many reasons, this is just so much better. It is kind of a bad thing for a horse trainer. Let's watch this trend in the future. I always do things in a Different way.

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