23 November 2007

Does the unibomber shack have showers?

Now it's not Thanksgiving anymore, and I have to go to work. I am still real bent out of shape about the findings from the secret legal sellout dealings of the State Park and the Santa Cruz City Council (if you are even slightly interested, the pdf's of the paper trail of the lawyers are here on the Sellout Timeline) which basically mean that for the last 2 years, all the representatives of the City, including Mayor Emily Reilly, owner of Emily's Bakery which I'm done setting foot in even though it's the only muffins right on the way to work, have been looking all us people that just want to keep walking our dogs where we always have straight in the eye and LYING. Yep. Very simple. Just out and out lying to face lying.

Same deal with Coonerty, member of Bookshop Santa Cruz clan, a business I used to support completely and have forever and now, forget about it. Mr. support your local independent bookstore, don't shop the chains, we are good peoples here. Out and out lying for 2 years. Love the politics. It makes me feel all unibomber-shack-loving gun-toting-libertarian ghost-mountain-rider-Boulder Creek joining. Super groovy progressive government, all greenbelts and recycling and love for the homeless, looking people dead in the eye and LYING about what they've already put into motion, signed sealed and delivered.

Oops, sorry so ranty. So very bloggy!

Princess Diana. Thankful we own a house in a fine community such as ours and we can at least walk our dogs on leashes and enjoy the beach from a paved walkway at a distance! Thanks City and State!

Um, more bloggy fun news. Dog show this Sunday. In Elkgrove. Covered arena. Get up 4:30am. You know the drill. Thankful for dogs and family and a job and Team Small Dog.

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Anonymous said...

I share your outrage Team Small Dog! I spread holiday cheer yesterday by printing out pdfs and reading them out loud to others who hadn't really asked for it who were busy snapping green beans and mashing potatoes, and being thankful. I suppose it's all "business as usual" from these public attorneys' points of view, but it's unbelievable that they put this stuff on City and State letterhead! Aren't these people old enough to remember the Nixon tapes? The arrogance of these public servants is staggering. And kudos NOT! NOT! NOT! NOT! for the Sentinel's reporting [sic].