24 November 2007

Ew. Are there really scabs in her muffins?

Hey remember the weird realtor who kept telling me the house was not for sale and how it would be for sale for One Point Three Million Sometime in the future? On Wednesday, a new sign went up and yesterday it came up on the mls. For $980,000. Which is basically almost a million and too much for me. Also outside of the Gary Drive Zone. But so very curious, these realtor games. I drove up on the property last night on the way home from work. Because I am a real estate stalker and also just cannot resist doing this to myself. It is sort of like picking off a painful scab. You cannot stop doing it and it hurts but you also cannot stop doing it. Kind of like finishing up the pie.

Today's long day at work ends in showing a pony to a potential buyer that just sounds like a diasaster and plane wreck waiting to happen. I love waiting all day for a nightmarish end of my day. It just makes that day so much more fun. This whole lying, evil Emily Reilly and cohorts and evil, unethical attorneys thing just has me in the black place of all things. I'll just go snap out of that now.


Anonymous said...

I may vote this one best title, yet. Also, thank you for being a anti-role model for realty stalking. I waste enough time on mls listings and redfin, as is.

I hope your natural good humor has been restored at the Fun Match. (Sounds like something that started the weekend's Malibu fires of mega-million dollar homes that we cannot afford, doesn't it?)

We went to the Fun Match in Hollister and did the yellow advanced courses, and found out why we are actually novices.

team small dog said...

I just have that hope that SOMETHING will come back in our price range and we can buy it. It is so weird we were so close to moving a year and a half ago and now it seems like almost impossible. So the minute I stop stalking is the minute someone drops the price on their perfect place that I didn't stalk and then someone else buys it. And at that minute is right when someone comes along that actually wanted to buy my house because the roof is finished. That is how it works.

Yes, a Fun Match is the wrong match to light in Malibu. That was where we used to want to move to. I am glad we didn't. We wanted to move to a unibomber shack somewhere on a road that burns up frequently.

That is very good you went to the Fun Match at the Paulsens! It is good you are practicing hard courses! If I had a larger car you could come with us to the CPE but I think there would be a large problem of fitting. This was a good one for a CPE.