10 October 2007

Wardrobe Essential Number One-the Ballcap.

Oooh this is a flattering one. Like I am threatening to shoot her if she leaps off the dog walk. Which she hasn't done in a long time, but I do know that this was the Grand Prix and the judge was hovering very close to see that contact zone. Or maybe I am threatening execution for sauntering along. Although she had a good time in the Grand Prix so she must have been running. Otterpop sort of waddles when she runs. She's a waddly little tank of a dog.

The whole ballcap thing. Yes, clearly and obviously it's an issue. But you can't do agility when your hair is in your eyes. Maybe there is perfect hair that would solve this but that is for another day. Or have a hat that is going to fly off mid agility run. Devestation. The ballcap has the little hole in the back you stick a pony tail through. Locked on. And you need a hat out there because you are basking in the sun all day. From 7am til 5 or whenever you finish-not to mention all day at work. Hello sharpei wrinkles that are already there and don't need to be worse til we take the knife to this mess.

Tim Gunn and Carson, the Hat is one of the 10 Essential Wardrobe Pieces for me and I need better solutions!

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