09 October 2007

It's all in how many candles.

The neighbor girls are my new fans. Like lots of girls on the westside between the ages of 8 and 11 maybe.

They love 4 small dogs walking on leashes. Today's new girl even knew kids at school named Timmy, Ruby and Gustavo and had Otterpops in her freezer at home.


When I just had Timmy, on the one dog plan, gay men used to like him. They would stop to say hi in San Francisco. Also homeless people. Including the guy that tried to steal him one day walking down Market Strett.

So now my life has gone so way down to the level of Britney Spears, or else I need to start targeting some agility marketing at this younger, female audience. Very Abercrombie+Fitch, very Roxy surfwear, very American Eagle. Girls, you are the future of agility!

When I was their age, I had a few dreams. Since the ones I can remember have since been fulfilled, I think it's safe to divulge what I used to wish for when I blew out birthday candles.

A horse. A truck. And a boyfriend.

That was about it. I never wished for a dog, but we always had at least one when I was growing up so I guess I didn't have to wish for one. I had all my wishes fulfilled by the time I got out of high school. And had actually broken up or sold the first batch of them.

Um, maybe I wasn't shooting high enough? If all my wishes came true by 18? Maybe that's what got me where I am today? Maybe there were some others I forgot about, I know there are other ones now, when we do have candles. Maybe they are null and void now because we never have the actual age amount of birthday candles? Maybe that's why wish fulfillment stops?

Aim high, friend of Timmy, Ruby, Gustavo with your Otterpops in your freezer.

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