23 October 2007

Focus focus focus.

Oh my god, I was graphic designing and dealing with Timmy and I didn't realize Mary needs to read this before work and how late am I now for work? That is not good customer service, something I have been working very hard on in other parts of my life and we need Mary, she is an important reader, I believe one of possibly 8 or possibly more? Hello readers, weigh in some, my web stats says you are out there but I do not see you!

Timmy is having a bad week, I think he lost a big chunk of hearing, has some ranges but a lot seemed to go at once and he's not handling it well. There are probably other things too. I just hate this part. I am just really committed to keeping this dog happy as I can as long as I can. He's not seeming happy this week and I can't figure out why. We are trying to figure out what makes him happy. It might just be some treats and tiny short walks down the block this week.

Dog number 4 aka Goose this week, has let's just say gastro intestinal issues the last few days and so I am making custom blended rice food for him and Timmy right now while I'm also trying to get those files to the printers, the UCSC girls scheduled for their riding times ("I can ride Saturdays and yesterday..."-a real email quote!), the lunch made and we usually leave the house at 9:30 on Tuesday and good god it is 10am.

A real email quote from my realtor, paraphrased: It's a great time to buy! How about this non suitable for horse property one in Bonny Doon that the price dropped down to 900k...She believes that houses on the westside sell. Yep dream on in your realty world.

My mom is leaving messages about the fires. The fires are not near her. I am not sure why she does this. At least she calls!

I have a new hobby called the health drink for breakfast! I am not skinny nor healthy yet dammit. It has soy protein in it and soy milk and flax seed dammit and I want to be size 4 again. I have a lot of hobbies! There is a tv show on that was on yesterday (I am learning from the UCSC girls!) and it involves a reality family with like 10 kids and they are all toddlers and we watched it for a few minutes and the parents are just stepping on toddlers right and left in the kitchen and there is running and screaming and Gary is like, good god, this is just like our house! In terms of square inches, we have just as many dogs per sf as they have toddlers in their square footage.

Focus, focus, focus. There is no focus here. Sorry Mary! Go to work now!


Unknown said...

Thanks, Laura. Now I can focus.

Anonymous said...

it sounds like you need a nice refreshing cocktail!!! or two. i promise you some on Friday - w/ Laurel as fabu bartender! tash