22 October 2007

Do you feel the costume pain?

Self Portrait at an Agility Trial.


Anonymous said...

At least you can work in cute sunglasses! (nice shoes, by the way... hee hee)


team small dog said...

When does your dog start her dog agility classes? We cannot wait to have you start commuting to the dog shows! Very excite! We will have the matching shoes! sort of. I am glad you like my sunglasses. It is a good thing you cannot see the dog chewing marks on the side and also the lens that is popped out! Target's finest!

Anonymous said...

My dog will start agility once you start teaching her! Yay! She will be a good student. You can also teach her not to be mean guard dog around food. But how fun to have matching shoes! Maybe we can wear them together this friday at the chateau emeline!

Unknown said...


I hate it when it's 9:35 a.m., and I've checked before and after our beach walk, and there still isn't a new post from you.