22 September 2007

Today is a day of fun and funny!

Remember the funny story about how the roof guy never comes over? And he rips up some roof and you can see the sky! And then he never comes over anymore again. It is a funny tale.

Then it rained! We put many, many tarps over the roof, but when you just have open sky over a nice office with hand plastered walls and handpainted floors, it is very hard to make the rain not go in there. So that is where the rain went! In the office. Mostly where the computers and papers live. It was an exciting adventure to visit this morning at 6:30, when it was not bright and sunny but wet and rainy. Rain coming in everywhere, even the office!

The contractor (square dancing with no costumes) came over and his dog has been tragically taken away from life due to death! We are weeping with sadness of this tragedy and there is rain in the office!

Now there is nothing in the office except the dresser where the internet lives. The computer still works! The papers are drying under the muddy dog paws everywhere in the house and the books! Hey where is the plug so the digital camera can talk to the computer? Hey Gustavo do not eat plugs! That one is attached to a silver box and it is a hard drive! What a lot of things used to live in the office!

The sad, sad contractor said many guys will come on Wednesday to give us new walls! Maybe the floor will not die the sad death of the dog. He was hit by a car. He would come over with the contractor and play with the Team in the backyard. He was a good jack russell.

Also the vet had to go to the barn all morning and the horses needed shots and no girls could ride their horses due to the rain! And no one knew what time to not ride their horses so many people had to call me while I was making the office empty. Also I am leaving now to leave this mess to visit the lovely town of Woodland to sleep at Motel 6 with many dogs so we can awaken to no rain and a nice dog show and Otterpop can run in her very first Grand Prix. Ruby too. Ruby runs in many Grand Prix's (remember Laura's funny going off course in the big Grand Prix story?)

Very funny stories today!

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