09 September 2007

The timing executes you when you execute late.

I remember this turn. It was in Master's Snookers, when I opted out of going for the Super Q (winning or coming in second usually in my group) for a regular Q. I probably could have gotten it too, except I opted out of going for the bonus red combo in favor of saving Ruby from being too tired for the Steeplechase finals. And we all know how that turned out.

**Warning-Sort of Boring Agility Analysis Coming up here...

This was a very tight threadle from the blue wing jump back into the tunnel in the closing sequence. It was a little risky but a good way to get some extra points (I think I came in third or so in snookers, just out of the Super Q point range). So you can see the send out to the jump, then I am doing something weird and flapping with my hands, which I am hoping was flapping my right hand down to flap my left hand in but in the photos it just looks like flapping.

I did get one video out of the whole day, of Master's Jumpers. Otterpop did this one too but didn't come up in video. Maybe Eric was going to the bathroom. Click here and you can see it and here me sort of pulling her along on a hot day. She was kind of medium speed that afternoon-it was pretty warm. She got a Q, but ended up somewhere in the middle of the pack again. I love jumpers-it's all bars so it can involve hitting bars if I screw up any timing at all, and winning vs. not winning means speed-usually Ruby speeds thru jumpers, Pop not so much-and tight, tight turns. The video is good for seeing where one little footstep out of place and one shoulder pointing the wrong way makes a way wider turn than should have been, which not only costs a second or so but also sends Ruby into a flash moment of breaking her stride up, just like a horse, instead of staying smooth and accelerating. When I'm teaching riding, I am always going on and on and on about not breaking up the stride, even in collecting and balancing, and here you can see a foot out of my track doing that very thing.

This was from the dreaded Steeplechase finals. I felt like when she came out of that yellow tunnel, she was done and over with and that was when I pulled her from the course. In the photo, she still looks mean and ready to run. ??

Speaking of mean. And ready to run.

Yesterday when I got up to go to work early, I made a cup of coffee and forgot to drink it I was in so much of a hurry. All morning and on the way to work I wanted some coffee so bad like addict bad, but had no idea I forgot to actually drink the coffee I made. So I just figured I was being a baby. Cowboy up.

Who has ever seen me in the morning with no coffee? This just isn't something that is done. Ever. Under any circumstances. Bad and evil things happen. The morning was a blur, I don't think I stabbed anyone or committed heinous crimes and taught all the millions of lessons on Saturday and dealt with lame Kissy and the shoer and when I got home, it was brought to my attention I left the house without a drop of coffee. Um, is there even a moral or a point to that story except scarey, scarey, scarey.


debnull said...

I really enjoyed watching the video -- so cool... Goooo Ruby!

Unknown said...

I really like your attire! Those pedal pusher things kick ass on a tall person! Also awe-inspiring is the front cross? (pirouette?) between 13 and 14. I watched that over and over!

Needing coffee (youth); needing coffee but having no memory of not having drunk it even though you really did need it (incipient middle-age); really, really needing coffee but not being able to drink it because it worsens hormonally-caused insomnia (middle-age); remembering to drink coffee because you really, really, really need it despite thehormonally-caused insomnia it causes, but forgetting that it exacerbates your stress incontinence (old).