13 August 2007

Would a hyper sensitive have hyper focus at hyper speed?

Yesterday, I took Ruby, Otterpop and Favo (this is just easier to type and say than Gustavo, a 2 year old clued me into it and it's the dog nickname dujour) on an outing. It is truly easier to cart 3 dogs and accessories to a dog thing than 2 toddlers to an aquarium. This is something I learned this year. Although the toddlers certainly appreciate the aquarium more than the dogs may appreciate the dog thing.

Not that the dogs don't like it. They like the agility part and the running around, then they just go to sleep. Which would sort of be perfect if toddlers could do that-run around, look at jellyfish and otters, sleep for a while, then run around again. But I guess this is why I have dogs and not toddlers.

Favo didn't clue into the sleeping part yet though. He wants to go to the aquarium I guess. It was his first time out at an event, and this was a small event compared to what is coming up the next 2 months for him. He hasn't actually seen agility yet-he stays in the car when I am running usually. So yesterday he was in an xpen with the other dogs and I tried leaving him in there where he could see. He just went plain old batshit crazy when a dog was out there running-which is a good thing but sort of akin to having a jacked up on sugar toddler to contend with. He gets all jacked up on watching dogs run and screams like a banshee in the pen. So I would put him in the car each time I had to run a dog (I was running 3 of them) and that helped, but still watching the random dogs, especially the big, fast ones, made him crazy. In a good way. The jacked up on sugar toddlers are having a great time on the slide, they are just insane. Same thing with the dog.

There were quite a few people with puppies there and this is a common thing in a high drive dog. So it's good he gets all excited and can't wait to get out there and run (right now I think in his mind he plans on chasing dogs around a course) but now I need to start showing him that agility is focusing on me until it's his turn to have fun then he needs to hyper focus but at hyper speed. We've got a ways to go. I pulled him out a lot and would walk him so he thought it was fun to just be on an outing and not think too much about getting out on a field and running around like the other dogs.

Ruby and Otterpop were great. Hobbes was perfect of course. I didn't run anyone hard-it was hot and I just wanted it to be an easy day and it was a practice match. Ruby just withers when it gets hot so I ran her twice at full speed then let her just sleep in her crate after that. She'd be an easy toddler. But she is 7 years old now, whole different thing. Otterpop was good and fast, her a-frame was a little slow since I think I've confused her on when she is running a contact and when she is hitting it.

Her left hind has been getting hinkier and hinkier, and I'm worried that stifle joint is not happy. Her knee surgery would cost the same as a chunk of the bathroom did. Poor Otterpop. Tiling or fancy dog knee surgery? She got so fat this summer too, me and her both. That couldn't be good for the joint. Of course a dog orthopedic surgeon rides with me and I just have to show it to her one day, but I am worried what I am going to hear and then have to make a choice on what to do with the surgery or not.

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