12 August 2007

Oh Yeah-the Weekends Calendar

Weekend of:

Aug 25-26-Dog Show all Weekend-USDAA in Prunedale

Sept. 1-3-Dog Show Sunday and Monday-USDAA in San Jose

Sept. 8-9 We are Here! But I have to fly to San Juan Capistrano early Monday am for a horse thing Monday/Tuesday.

Sept. 15-16 I think we are going to LA

Sept. 23-Dog Show Sunday-USDAA in Woodland

Sept 29-We are going away to Booneville!

October 7-Dog Show Sunday-USDAA in Dixon

October 14-Not doing that dog show. Even though it's close, let's have a weekend off!

October 21-Dog Show Sunday-CPE in Elkgrove

The rest of October, until late November-no dog shows I think! Do some lessons at Jim's and have a break.

Nov. 23-Thanksgiving Weekend Dog show CPE in Elkgrove

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