24 August 2007

Training regime of the Champions!

Part of my training regime is called Yoga Sushi Beer. This happens on Thursday night to help recover from Wed. Night Agility. What happens is Tash saves me a spot in yoga class that I cannot, no matter what i do, get to on time anymore because it takes me about an hour to get home from work in the evening due to the traffic. I suffer through yoga class, which used to be so easy and now is like torture but I try to think of how Healthy and the Health aspects I am gaining by being so miserable for 1.5 hours and also how afterwards we have beer and sushi and now somehow it has turned into sake too. So I am hoping the health aspects of the yoga (the teacher said when we stand on our heads we are Doing Age Defying Feats to Undue the Gravity Defying sagginess of our Internal Organs and Skin!!!) is not cancelled out by the beer. And sake.

Last night we went to a new sushi place that is conveniently located next door to the yoga! That seemed like a sign and since I am the lucky wheel of fortune in the world of tarot and I think tarot kind of matches yoga somehow we went to that sushi place. Because it is new, or because the owner is a very jovial Japanese man, he just brings out lots of extra food right and left and lots of sake that we do not order but he is sure we need. Really good top shelf sake. I am kind of like wine drinking with my sake expertise. Bring it on, I say. But when someone brings out the really good stuff, I can start to tell a difference and this stuff was really good and it just kept coming. Highly jovial, even blocking out the odd combination of beginning electric violin class in the front of the restaurant and housey kind of jazzy related music coming out the back part of the restaurant and us sitting in the middle with our sakes.

I have concern perhaps that my training regime is not all it could be. Wednesday night agility, I move heavy things a lot, run three dogs, teach, and then there is always the cake. I am there trying to have a training regime, and many people use it as time for celebrating things about their dogs. Their dog has a birthday. Get a cake! Their dog wins an award. Get a cake! Their dog almost won an award. Get a cake! A big cake. A big, frosty goodness cake straight from Costco with big, giant pieces cut from it. That is how I have dinner on Wednesday night usually since there is not other time than in between running dogs at 9pm.

Right now, this moment, I am prepping for out big training walk of the morning. One of the team needs to ride in the car to the beach and just walk very slowly there, and since he is a very valued member of the team, that's how we train today. Does not help remove sake and cake calories! Like me, Otterpop now has huge rolls of fat on her neck and people are commenting on her enormous fatness and I can't help to feel that we are reflections of eachother, me and Otterpop, except my rolls are along my waistband and I know exactly what my training regime consists of. Otterpop doesn't have cake-I am not sure exactly where her fat rolls came from but there they are, clear and rolly as day.

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