17 August 2007

Keep out of the Bad, Dark Place.

On Wednesday night, Ruby came screaming around a tight little corner after landing off a jump and ripped her dew claw half off her leg. Super. Poor Ruby. All blood spurting, dog screaming, limping little Ruby. One of the vet techs there (lots of vets and vet techs do agility) wrapped it to stop the bleeding then that was it for her. She just went to sit in the car with Gustavo. Then, being a horrible dog owner, she had to sit in the vet office kennels all day to have it looked at because I had the audacity to go to work all day. She is just fine, there is a little stub left and I have to keep crazy glue on it. That is my kind of injury. She did miss a couple practice days with trials coming up, but Oh Well. Oh Well is what I try to keep telling myself, along with head out of ass. Should help me from hollering at the poor little 8 year olds if I can just remember Oh Well.

All things well and good today, we may have an inaugural bathroom party tonight with an actual sink and working shower and working plumbing. We have to wait on the stunning and breathtakingly adorable wall treatments til the damn painter gets over here and works painting into her busy dog showing schedule, but I think that painting will happen with all the time I am saving by not running around to Home Depot and marble guys and the cheap tile place and wherever I have been spending so much time this month. The dogs enjoy the new bathroom very much-there is much more real estate in there with the moved around fixtures and plenty of room for 4 small dogs to run simultaneously whilst other things happen in said bathroom. And then this will go back to being a blog about dog agility and real estate and not bathroom remodeling anymore.

The whole real estate thing is hard to watch. We are the jumbo loan people. We would have been taking out a very large, fat loan for the ranch. We would have had one already if we had bought the dream ranch last summer. So while this may mean that ranch prices drop to what we can almost afford, whether we qualify for loans anymore, or can sell our house for anything that gives us enough down payment will be interesting to see. Having a new bathroom takes some of the sting out of this, and the new dog and also having the horses and work safe and sound out in Watsonville helps some. I guess it's a good reality check to keep going over the spreadsheets and making sure whatever the next one we find to put a bid on, whenever that will be, will not be sending us to a bad, dark place.

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