15 August 2007

It is the Joy, it is Here!

Look at the Joy in my Face! I am very thrilled to show off my brand spanking new toilet that actually works and flushes and all that! The shower does too but we are not allowed to use it til Thursday because of letting the grout sealer Cure. Unless it gets very foggy then maybe longer so we hope hope hope it stays sunny and nice.

And, it is entirely possible that if the stars align, we will even have a counter and sink on Friday. We'll see. Now is last minute detail time of learning about the extra 1/8 inch of space we forgot about for the baseboard and the light is sort of weird amd the stained glass panels need to be thicker and the sound of plumbing on the other side of the kitchen wall but really, even with little weird things, we have a bathroom that is not horrible, ugly and rotting! It is new and shiny and needs painting with the cool wallpaper pattern and it did not cost as much as many people warned me it would. We got it to stay in budget. I think. I still need some final invoices so I shouldn't sound so braggy yet on that one.

Also if all the dogs bark in the door-let's just say a cat has run in there and is in the bathtub-boy o boy does all that shiny white tile echo like a sunuvagun! Very exciting for all of us, humans, cat and dogs! We all are in love with the new bathroom.


Anonymous said...

is that a Toto toilet?

team small dog said...

It is the Kohler Memoirs! A toilet named Memoirs!