22 July 2007

Today is the day he comes to stay.

Today is the day Gustavo comes for good to stay.

Even Gary can't wait. He just may be Gary's dog, that's what it's looking like. Mostly I have dogs that drive people nuts, that a certain population hate. This dog, so far, everyone seems to love. Dogs, people, cats, horses. Even cattle. His foster home was near cattle and the cattle actually didn't love him but they also didn't mind him at all nor did he mind them.

He comes for good this afternoon. After I run the team all day in the heat in San Jose. All of a sudden the fun and cool Gambler's Seminar at Jim's does not sound neither fun nor cool because we have to wait til 4pm to get Gustavo and it is going to be 100degrees out and Ruby is just going to want to lay around. No amount of chicken can get her to go fast when it's 100 degrees. She'll run, but not with much MEANESS. Otterpop, if I have that frisbee out there should be fine, but there will be a lot of dogs and people around that will possibly make her Nervous, poor Nervous Otterpop so we'll see if she has fun. She might be fine. I'll bring both frisbees. Frisbees cure most ills in Otterpop land.

I've already been planning Gustavo's training regime, he has to learn obedience, poor dog. Otterpop got to skip some things because she had that "I am with YOU no matter what unless I freak out at some man, judge, or spanish speaker" thing going on, and automatically learned to flop into a down. She didn't have to learn tricks and full recall and all that, she got to go straight to agility when she learned her stay. Gustavo is a whole other thing. He is Mr. Man About Town, swinging latin playboy type and needs a recall and all the obedience licks before he gets to start agility because he has to learn the Team way, the Army way, that you got to stay with the Captain.

Gustavo seems thrilled to do whatever you want him to, and then he likes tugging on a piece of fleece. So I think he is going to be a tugger as opposed to a chicken eater (Ruby) or frisbee freak (Otterpop) or loves petting (Timmy). I have a feeling he is going to be attached to a long piece of rope for a while whenever we are out. Because I just do not want to be running around the neighborhood or the field yelling , "Gustavo! Gustavo! Gustavo!". It's kind of a long name. But I think it's bad luck to be changing the animals names once they have them. So Gustavo it is.

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debnull said...

Congratulations! Gustavo is a very lucky Little Black Dog.