21 July 2007

Hey Gustavo!

Some facts about Gustavo:

He is from a dog rescue called Compassion Without Borders that goes down, gets dogs in Mexico, where the fate for homeless dogs is nothing like here. Starving street dogs are warehoused without food, left to die, and then electrocuted-their numbers are just so high. This group brings 20 or so at a time back up here in vans and planes, fosters them through groups like CAPE and gets them homes. Yes, there are plenty of homeless dogs around here that need homes, but this group exists because the conditions are so deplorable for them in Mexico, with no humane society type organizations for them there.

He's 2(ish). I think we are going to give him the same birthday as Gary, so his birthday is now in August. He weighs 11 lbs. He's about Otterpop size, he almost looks like a tiny, shrunken and shriveled little border collie. His ear set is wild-maybe some kind of papillon? I have no clue. Mexican street dog.

He must have lived in a home at some time because he is very friendly and socialized, nothing like any of the team right now who were very unsocialized. So I am going to do my best to make sure he stays that way and doesn't pick up any of the phobias of his 2 new sisters. He's an escape artist and very, very fast, which I am taking as a sign that he is smart and will like agility. He has a lot of toy drive and likes treats. It was crazy to see him just fit right in to the Mutant Games that take place at our house every evening, crazy running and toys and growling and biting and he just felt right at home, then can saunter over to Timmy, give him a big kiss and jump in someone's lap. I think he and Gary have already selected eachother-this may end up being Gary's dog.

His downsides are that he's 2 and has had zero training. His foster lady got him sitting and housebroken somewhat and sleeping in his own bed, so he is very trainable. He is an escape artist-has already jumped out her car window, escaped out the door, things like that. He doesn't have that intense need to be near his person at the time, which is a good thing but not so good for escaping so he's going to have to be watched very carefully and will not be an instant off leash dog by any means. He may end up staying tied to Otterpop if they become the good pals I think they are going to be. He'll definitely be spending a lot of time on basic foundation work before any agility things start. It will be interesting to see how this one's brain works and how we go from there!

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