08 July 2007

Thank god for the macrame.

Scott the roofer came over yesterday when I got home from work. Once he was a hippie living in the house on Portola with a beard and a beautiful hippie girlfriend with braids and naked babies. I learned this from the photos at the hippie party a couple weeks ago. Now he owns a giant roofing company and a 5 acre place in Scotts Valley (5 flat sunny acres, and he used to have ponies for his kids) and he likes to play golf and do contra dancing and likes plants. He has on nice loose Eddie Bauer jeans and those faux suede slip on shoes and a Polo shirt. But he is super friendly and it was actually him that offered to come look at the roof, instead of me begging him. I think. Also he brought over his Jack Russell named Rex that none of my dogs tried to attack or kill and actually let him play with their tennis ball.

And because he is so nice, maybe his son who is a builder guy will do the carpentry for cheap and he will send over some guys from his crews to do the work off the books for cheap and we can have our roof thing done. This is due to the hippie connections from the '70's from Gary. Who never had a beard but did have long hair and a mustache and a van. And macrame. Which he had when I met him (the macrame, long hair, and mustache) and I thought was very exotic.

Scott the roofer used to have another hippie name but it is not said anymore. A lot of people at the hippie party had different names than they did back in the 70's. I was in junior high when they were smoking pot in the meadow at their house which is now a parking lot on Portola by the auto wrecker's. I had roller skates with red and yellow skateboard wheels and really short shorts and loved horses. Now Scott is on his second divorce and seems kind of lonely. The other thing he likes is called contra dancing. This is not to be confused with square dancing and has no costumes! When he started telling me about it, I started thinking about the costumes because I have been thinking how much I might like a square dancing dress and learn to do square dancing. The contra dancing does not have squares. It has lines. There is swinging of partners, but there are No Costumes. This was emphasized several times by him. You wear regular clothes and not cowboy boots. The music is more old time than country western. But most importantly, no costumes.

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