10 July 2007

Oh no Gustavo.

Last Friday, I was walking up the stairs from the beach with the team, and I passed the Rescue Dog Lady. With a new rescue dog. That was the beautiful love child of Timmy and Otterpop but in a smallish border collie shape. I was, of course, late for work, but I said something like, "oh my god, I want to take him home!" and the Rescue Dog Lady maybe would have given him to me then and there, knowing I am the Best Dog home just about money can buy.

But I didn't take him, and I went home and I could not stop thinking about Gustavo. He has a picture on her rescue website.

Then this morning, I was walking to the beach, thinking in my mind, I love Gustavo, I love Gustavo, I love Gustavo. Obviously I have a mind not capable of complex thought. This was after being interrupted mid thought by a pajama'ed girl calling after me, "Dog Lady, Dog Lady!". When I turned to answer to this, she asked me to look out for her lost escaped cat. Poor cat. She has only lived on my block for like 6 days and knows I am a Dog Lady worthy of cat searching. Poor me, that I answer to "Dog Lady, Dog Lady!".

Anyways, that was all I thought about on my way to the beach with the team. Gustavo. How much I love Gustavo. Maybe Gustavo would be at the beach with the Rescue Dog Lady. I love Gustavo, I love Gustavo, I love Gustavo.

And he was! Oh Joy of Joy! She is hardly ever at the beach.

This was special fate of love meant to be.

Gustavo looks like a chihuahua border collie mix. He weighs 10 lbs and speaks spanish and is not house trained yet. He is socialized and friendly and so cute and, weirdest of all, All Three Dogs Loved Him. Even Otterpop, who hates other dogs, and Ruby who is aloof. Timmy of course did, but he loves all dogs, even if they want to bite him. I explained the husband problem (not that Gary is a problem, but that he views 4 dogs as a problem) but said that I was smitten with Gustavo and indeed Desire him. I love Gustavo. I love Gustavo.

Pros and Cons of Gustavo

He is so cute and has good fast looking confirmation!

Gary says we will be divorced if I bring home an additional dog.

He is so small and no one will notice that there is an extra.

10lbs is the same exact vet bills and all the other poundage around the vet clinic known as my house.

Training a new agility puppy!

And I am I currently training the other team members, including the one that ran in the street with a stick the other day in lieu of coming to have her leash put on and stick removed from her mouth?

I can fit a little crate into many tight spots, making it possible to shove another dog into our tiny house!

The whole divorce issue.

So readers, what do I do about Gustavo, the perfect addition to our team?


pluckyfluff said...

OMG....gustavo is so cute!!!! you must buy the house w/acreage for the team small dog training camp. F- the horses...you have the makings for the world largest small, black chihuahua-esqe dog army.

Anonymous said...

not sure how i found you and gustavo here...but i say yes to him for sure...so small...hardly noticeable!
GUSTAVO all the way! jen wood

team small dog said...

jen wood!! can you send me an email let me know what is up how you are doing! there are some interesting updates on the Gustavo front is all I can say today, do not give up the Gustavo hope!