08 June 2007

Travel for a Small team.

This is the way I wish we were traveling to trials.

Tiny airstream. They cost a lot. But they are the perfect way to camp out with small dogs, at an agility trial or anywhere. This is the design within reach version.

It's all swanky, modernist clean lines.

Ralph Lauren redid a few, this one is my true dream airstream, the Ralph Lauren Adirondack one. I think it cost $150,000 or somewheres near there.

He handmade the pillows out of old quilts or some such.

I would keep it in my driveway the rest of the time, and everyone that comes to visit can stay in it. I bet my SUV could even pull it. No big truck needed, it is tiny and petite.

Paris Hilton would need a larger one. I guess she won't be working on Tinkerbell's jump style this month now that she got put back in jail again. The judge was really mad! Poor Tinkerbell.

Back to dog jumping clinic. Do you see the issue here?

It got to be too fun to do this. But it is also disturbing to see just how long she likes to leave and the havoc it causes. The big question is, does she leave longer when sore or is it a big huge coincidence? She also leaves very, very long when fast. Jim has tried to help me with this, and timing crosses to get her to add a stride, but it is a long battle that I may have already lost. I bet if I put her thru gymnastics time and time again, but I can't do it at my house. Same with working with ground lines again like I did for the spread jumps. I am considering sneaking something somewhere at work, but there just isn't a good spot. And it is working well with the dogs there now, they like their pen and get to go run around sometimes at the end of the day, or the kids take them around on leashes.

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