25 June 2007

Never did get anywhere on that dialog.

This is where the picture was going to go of Gary tearing up our roof yesterday. But it would seem that my camera or it's memory card or both, don't work anymore. If you could see the photo, you would see that we discovered many other types of beams and eaves and mushroom woods underneath our breezeway roof by tearing away the first layer of mushroom plywood. And termites, oh the termites. And some black insects that buzz. And electrical cords!

How I began tearing up the roof, was I have been thinking about it. And I was working on a project with the pony pictures and I was trying to make the dialog sound like David Milch wrote it. So I was using these Deadwood transcripts to use as a style guide so that Mrs. Lemon and her pony Punch would sound like Cy Tolliver except as a lady pony club leader and Captain Jim would sound like Steve the drunk livery guy and that was way too hard, and I got out the crowbar and just started ripping out panels. And then Gary got appalled and luckily, thanks to Joel Warner and his tool buying methods, we have 2 crowbars and then he was ripping panels and there it went.

And then we went to get margaritas. And then someone has to figure out how to get the vet out to the barn for the horse with the sore foot. And actually the roof looks better torn up than it did not torn up!

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