26 June 2007

Hygenic tile, hygenic dogs.

I'll get to agility at the end of this. Sometimes we just veer a little slightly off track. But this was the kind of day it was. Featured here backwards, in order of reversal.

We didn't have to go to the emergency vet! I got Otterpop immobilized and poured a swallow of olive oil down her nose. And she started sneezing violently, and out popped a foxtail. This was after rushing home from halfway through a walk because someone stuck her nose into a foxtail, breathed deep, and sneezed convulsively all the way home until I could get to the oil in hopes of not having to go to the emergency vet for anaesthesia and scoping and yanking it out of her tiny nose.

This was while I was on the pain pills.

Just after Contractor Brian leaving me with the $25,000 bid to gut my bathroom. That would be the $622 per square foot bathroom. When he showed up to deliver the bid, I was on the phone with my dentist.

Who had just called to apologize and make sure I was OK and had gotten home.

Because earlier in the afternoon they drilled out a giant hole in my the space that used to have a front tooth to put the bionic rod in. Apparently this never hurts. It hurt like hell a bunch of times and I would mutter, HURT HURT with my cotton stuffed mutter gob until he would stop and give me more shots. More shots. Susie, assistant to the dentist kept telling me to breathe. They didn't mean for it to hurt but it was terrible. I almost passed out at one point. I had to sit in the chair a long time after it was done because I wasn't sure I could walk. Finally I told myself just cowboy up and get over it. That's how I made it home to the pain killers without passing out. Because a real cowboy surely isn't going to let a little mini mouth bone jackhammer ruin his day.

That was just after I finally surrendered to the vintage tile gods and realized I cannot do the stunning bathroom tile of my dreams and we will have plain and hygenic Deadwood style tile in the manner of the first indoor plumbing ever in Deadwood. No fancy glass color here. White and hygenic like a dental office.

And speaking of hygenic. The AKC took a poll on whether or not mixed breeds dogs shall be allowed to compete in the AKC against purely bred dogs. The AKC has determined that they shall be allowed to compete However, so as not to allow the unwashed mixed breeds to contaminate the more purely bred ones, they shall compete in seperate and slighly less equal classes. And not at any National competitions, local ones only. What a bunch of assholes.

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