29 May 2007

Chernobyl paving the way for Polar bear Death.

Hey-the team small dog site uses less energy than many sites out there because of it's black background! That would be 59 watts instead of 74 that an all white background web page uses. Yes, many of us are on swankier LCD monitors these-a-days, but worldwide, particularly in Latin American and China, digital citizens stare at CRT. I have one sitting right here, but not turned on, on my desk. A small step for the drowning polar bears.

Today's installment of vintage archaelogy is for Lexi. So what was I doing during many of the horse years, the years I was in college? Starting in 1983. I was a very devoted student when I wasn't at the barn, although I wasn't always a full time student because I was a part time or full time Assistant Horse Trainer. But I worked very hard in my art classes making very bad art. I am not sure i worked very hard in non art classes. I was an Art Major, specializing in sculpture and printmaking. I did used to work at the art studio til very late at night.

According to my photos, when I was not at the barn or in the art studio, I was hanging out at parties with stoner types. And some of the time, I was poorly dressed. In ramshackle houses. We did tend to live in a lot of ramshackle, filthy houses. But I did not realize how poorly dressed I was. I still have that issue. Some of you may recognize yourselves and your friends in these photos. I am so sorry. All of these photos are within a year or so of 1986, as best as I can figure. Ronald Reagan was president, Chernobyl melted down, LA Law was on TV, and the original bass player in Metallica died in a bus crash.

We discussed baking tips.

Ate things on a picnic.

Had parties in our driveway.

Sat around in the living room.

Sat around in the hallway.

Dyed our hair in the kitchen.

Tortured the puppy.

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