30 May 2007

Back to the basics.

We have been on a week long break from agility and I feel fat and the dogs seem mean. We have a show this weekend, that sort of wraps up our show season for a while, this one is no pressure and in Hollister. It's an ASCA show, which is a venue I rarely compete in and don't track titles, so it will be just for fun and not too far away. I picked it over a USDAA show, in which I could have competed in the team event, but it was far away and in the very hot town of Turlock. So we will just have fun.

I practiced last week at an agility student's house. It turned more into her getting a private lesson than a practice, which was fine. Timmy got to go, and she lives near me. I didn't really practice, her yard was small, but she is a nice lady and it's cool to see random people doing agility and building themselves practice yards. That's all we've practiced. I am going to try and practice tonight in Watsonville though, since we are still on a break from classes.

Otterpop is a little disturbed lately. Ceasar Milan would say she is trying to take over the dog pack. I would agree. She gets this look in her eye like the biggest control freak ever, and wants to control everything about Ruby. Where she sits. Where she stands. When she goes outside. They got in some fights when we were down in LA. All I can figure out is that the dog pack thing is all messed up there, too many people, and baby, and extra dogs and her mind totally melts down. Like Ruby went feral, Otterpop can't stand change. Thank god for Timmy. At least I have one regular old dog. It's kind of my lot in life though. I know I am taking damaged dogs when I get them, and I have to figure out the best way to make them normal most of the time. So praciticing lately has been showing Otterpop that I am the head dog no matter what and she is not my vice president-all the dogs are just plain old citizens of my own personal universe and no one gets to be bad because I am also the police. A nice police without a stun gun or arm pinching behind your back like they did to my neighbor once (who is still in jail) when they dragged her out to the car.

Everyone will have to wait for more vintage photos. Because I have had to spend way too much time researching equine lawyers and indemnity clauses.

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